Careers Fullstack Engineer Product (m/f/d)

Fullstack Engineer Product (m/f/d)

The Company

Flexperto is a software start-up in the area of digital communication. Our customers are primarily large international enterprises in the insurance and financial industry. We are headquartered in Berlin, right at the heart of Germany’s tech industry, and currently field 32 employees.

We believe that digital communication between companies and customers is complicated and outdated. Everything that your sales employees have previously done offline, is now also possible online with Flexperto: scheduling appointments, clarifying questions in a video conference, viewing documents together, signing contracts, or communicating with customers on WhatsApp. And thanks to our CRM integration, the entire process is documented centrally.

Read more at Company Introduction.

Your Job

  • Adding your voice to product decisions, working with our designers and product owners.

  • Planning and developing of new features for, and maintaining our core services, collaborating with your teammates.

  • Taking ownership of your work.

  • As your abilities and preferences grow, so will your responsibilities.

Your Qualifications

Required are:

  • Proficiency in at least one of (PHP7+, NodeJS, ES6+, TypeScript).

  • 3+ years of experience in software development.

  • Fluency in English.

Optional, but nice to have:

  • Experience with technologies in our tech stack.

  • Experience with processes we’re using.

The Team

The development team is made up of a couple of engineers, a designer, a dedicated QA, and two product managers. We tend to group up into smaller pods by major feature, while keeping boundaries between pods loose.

Our work is influenced by our core values:

  • Providing value to our customers, by creating a great product.

  • Mutually trusting in each other’s abilities and best intentions.

  • Team productivity is more important than individual productivity.

  • Frequently experimenting with techniques and processes to remove friction and work efficiently.

  • Regularly reflecting on past efforts to improve over time.

  • Providing an environment of unconditional kindness.

  • Preferring communication and conflict resolution over strict processes.

We work with a set of processes that are, depending on our needs and wants, reviewed and revised:

  • Two-week sprints

  • Daily stand-ups, discussing the day ahead, and potential blockers

  • Weekly sprint review and planning

  • Bi-weekly retrospectives, with a focus on team culture, general issues and reviewing processes

  • Weekly demos with the entire company, where we showcase important features

Beyond those ceremonies, we also:

  • Create comprehensive software designs.

  • Review every story in a grooming.

  • Conduct code reviews for every pull request.

  • Apply a wide range of automatic (unit, integration, e2e) and manual tests.

  • Spread knowledge through regular, internal tech talks.

  • Automate our release process through CI pipelines.

Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack is comprehensively documented in Flexperto GmbH Tech Stack, but briefly put:

  1. Most of the new functionality is delivered as NodeJS / TypeScript services, driven by the moleculer.js framework.

  2. The core platform is a PHP monolith, which we actively maintain, but try not to extend.

  3. Front ends (except for some legacy views) are written in React.

  4. As databases, we use MongoDB, MySQL and Redis, depending on the need.

  5. Communication happens in part via HTTP APIs, and in part via a RabbitMQ message broker.

  6. Developer environment and deployment infrastructure is docker-based, currently still using docker-swarm, but moving towards Kubernetes.

From: As of Now

Location: Berlin or South Africa

Type: Full Time

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