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v48.0: Core Improvements

  • Consultants can now start new instant meetings, even if they are already scheduled for another meeting at the same time
  • Consultants can now schedule meetings outside of their set business hours.
    • Customers are still only able to schedule between the experts’ set business hours however
  • Customers will now see only Expert’s available time slots when scheduling new appointments


Other Core Improvements
  • Flexperto now requires consent from users regarding cookies and meets compliance regulations
  • Consultants can now search for Contacts by name on the Contacts page and when sending E-Signature documents


Enterprise Only
  • Admin users can enable a new setting which sorts the Consultant list to show online consultants at the top
  • Admin users can add additional recipients to appointment confirmation emails
  • Flexperto API improvements:
    • New users can now be created without a required password via the API
    • Our users endpoint now contains a confirmed_at field for when a user confirms their account


For more information, visit our Help Center.