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Communicate with your customers on the world’s most popular messenger platform. Flexperto helps introduce WhatsApp Business into your sales organization. GDPR compliant and end-to-end encrypted.

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Limited access
for selected companies

Billion users


Billion messages

sent everyday

Prefer to use messaging

than phone or email


  • WhatsApp was only allowed for personal use
  • According to GDPR, a compliant use
    was nearly impossible
  • Fixing problems were based on
    technologically unstable methods
  • Commercial use was strictly forbidden


  • WhatsApp has launched two business programs for commercial use
  • The operating business solution for large customers is a major technological challenge
  • Flexperto has the ability to integrate the WhatsApp Business API – GDPR compliant into the Communication Cloud

With Flexperto, we are taking another step towards becoming a hybrid consultant: to continue serving customers in their usual analogue form, supplemented by the new digital communication channels they now require.”

Mehmet Türker

Head of Innovation and Sales Management Digitization – DEVK

What is the
Business API?

It’s as if the telephone was invented. Finally, companies can communicate with customers through WhatsApp, allowing companies to have full ownership of data over a secure channel.

WhatsApp Business API is the one of the two WhatsApp’s Business solutions which is suitable for medium and large enterprises. It is the official way for Enterprises to use WhatsApp. 

To ensure end-to-end encryption, companies need to host their own WhatsApp instance. Your company owns the data, making it impossible for WhatsApp to read any information. This relates to the high technical costs that are associated with an implementation. 

Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API, Flexperto has the ability to enable WhatsApp’s legal and GDPR-compliant use in customer communications throughout internal and field sales forces.

What are the options available in the market?


Option 1

Direct access via WhatsApp

  • Access to the API




Option 2

Access via CPaaS

  • Access to the API
  • Hosting
  • Updates

& time saving


Option 3

Access via Flexperto

  • Access to the API
  • Hosting
  • Updates
  • Frontend
  • Know-How

Why Flexperto?

Flexperto is your partner for fast, scalable,and
Sales optimized implementation of WhatsApp Business


Full user interface

WhatsApp Business API is exclusively a technical interface, without any user interface, for receiving and sending messages (frontend). Flexperto already has a user-friendly messenger with all the necessary features.

Optimized for sales

WhatsApp Business API was developed primarily for sending notifications and support requests. Flexperto has already developed the necessary processes and functions for using WhatsApp in sales.


WhatsApp can be seamlessly be integrated into the entire Flexperto Communication Cloud, allowing not only messaging communication via SMS, Telegram, etc., but also appointments, online meetings, e-signature, co-browsing and much more.

Integrated in your CRM / Customer Portal

The Flexperto Communication Cloud has flexible interfaces that offers easy integration into your CRM system, customer portal, and website. All messages and other interactions with your customer that flow through WhatsApp Business can then be transferred to your CRM system. This records the entire sales process in one place.

Enable WhatsApp in days instead of months

Instead of waiting like many other companies for you to finally get WhatsApp access, Flexperto gives you the edge over your competition.

We manage the infrastructure

Managing WhatsApp’s complex cloud infrastructure is a full-time job for businesses so it can take away from the core of the business. Flexperto and our partners work together to manage the entire infrastructure for you. This includes scalable deployment and hosting at ISO 27001 certified data centers in Europe. We can assist by providing numbers and managing the constant updates to the WhatsApp Business API. 

GDPR, solved

This is why WhatsApp Business complies with GDPR


End-to-end encryption

Messages between your WhatsApp Business / Flexperto instance and customers are encrypted end-to-end, meaning that WhatsApp can not read any of the conversations. This makes the solution safer than traditional email.

Consent Management

Flexperto has integrated an additional consent management system that enables and records all opt-ins and opt-outs in agreement with the law.

Data Deletion

Since you have complete access to the message database, all obligations to delete data under GDPR regulation can be fulfilled. It is also possible to set automatic data deletion workflows.

Hosting in Europe

We host your WhatsApp business instance in ISO 27001 certified data centers within the European Union.

Data protection Know-How

We have years of experience in the field and know the language of data protection officer and IT security officer.

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WhatsApp Business for you step by step


  1. Introductory Talk

    In the first conversation, we will be happy to clarify the basic functionality of WhatsApp and discuss your specific requirements.

  2. Messaging Workshop

    In a one-day long workshop, we will work with you to develop your requirements for omni-channel messaging and the use of WhatsApp.

  3. Implementation

    Together, we start verifying your business with WhatsApp. If successful, we then set up the technical platform and provide you with a WhatsApp number.

  4. Accompaniment of Users

    We train your employees and help guide you along the way to ensure the application runs smoothly.

  5. Expanding channels and integration

    Together, we will work out the next steps in integrating messaging into your IT system.

Frequently asked questions

Brauchen Kunden eine andere WhatApp Applikation um Nachrichten zu empfangen?

No, your customers do not need a separate app. You are able to use the same WhatsApp application that is on your smartphone.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

Customers want to communicate with companies as well as chat with friends and family with fast, easy, and convenient messages. The WhatsApp Business Solution allows companies to interact with their customers via WhatsApp to send them alerts and notifications. Essentially, the WhatsApp Business Solution allows companies and customers to communicate quickly, easily, and reliably on a platform that they know and trust.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business is an Android app which is free to download, and was built with the small business owner in mind. With the app, businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

WhatsApp Business API permits medium and large businesses to communicate with customers via WhatsApp’s self-hosted version and technical interface, while enjoying full data ownership.

These functionalities are available with WhatsApp Business API, unlike WhatsApp Business:

  • Central, company-wide access to all communication data within WhatsApp rather than separate databases distributed across smartphones.
  • One central place for data deletion and implementation of data deletion routines.
  • Stand-alone functions and individual user interfaces.
  • Integration of past WhatsApp communication into other IT systems, such as CRM or ERP.
  • Integration of central bots.
  • Programmatic dispatch of notifications, e.g. for contract updates.
  • Integration of programmatic workflows.

What companies can use WhatsApp Business Solution?

WhatsApp Business Solution can be used by organizations of all sizes to manage conversations and share information quickly and easily. Please note that this program initially only has limited availability. For all customers who want to get into the program, permission by WhatsApp is necessary.

For what purpose can WhatsApp Business solution be used?

During the development of the WhatsApp Business Solution, use cases in the area of notifications (for orders, deliveries, appointment reminder) and support (call center) were prioritized.

Flexperto has expanded its functionalities and provides a special frontend for the use in field sales and internal sales.

WhatsApp Business does not support the use cases for pure marketing purposes, such as sending newsletters.

Are there any special features in using WhatsApp Business?

A unique feature of WhatsApp Business is that WhatsApp has established strict rules on what kind of messages companies are allowed to contact their customers with. WhatsApp has introduced so-called “template messages.” These are structured, unified messages that companies can use to write to their customers. Each template message must be checked and approved by WhatsApp before sending them out. If a customer responds to a template message or a customer contacts the company, a 24-hour window opens. Within this window, companies can write freely to the customer. 24 hours after the customer has sent the last message, this window closes and companies can only contact customers with the template messages.

Can already existing numbers be used?

No, only “clean” numbers can be used, meaning numbers that have never been registered with WhatsApp before.

How much does WhatsApp Business cost?

The following costs apply for using WhatsApp within the Flexperto Communication Cloud


Monthly charges:

Companies pay a monthly fee for using WhatsApp Business API within the Flexperto Communication Cloud.

Transactional costs:

Depending on the type of message, different transactional costs are incurred by WhatsApp and can vary based on the recipient’s country.

Why do I need a service provider, like Flexperto, to use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business API does not provide a standalone frontend, but provides only a technical interface.

Flexperto will offer a all-in-one communication solution that enables WhatsApp communication for your sales reps in one easy-to-use software. We will also integrate many more features such as appointment scheduling, video chat, e-signature etc. with WhatsApp. Flexperto works closely with WhatsApp’s leading communications service providers and official partners to help guide you through the onboarding process.

How long will it take to get access to WhatsApp Business?

This program starts with limited availability. All customers who participate in the program must first be approved by WhatsApp. Flexperto is not an official partner of WhatsApp, however, we can use our partners to initiate the admission process and guide your company through the process faster.

Do customers need to agree to receive WhatsApp messages?

Customers need to share their mobile phone number with the company so they can contact them through WhatsApp. This can be done via a third party such as website, telephone, or email etc. If you want to start a conversation with a customer, you must use a pre-shared message template called a template message. Flexperto also offers the possibility of performing and logging a double-opt-in procedure within WhatsApp.

What content can I share with customers on WhatsApp?

You can share pictures, audio, GPS coordinates, and also start videos.

Did we raise your interest in our solution?

Reach out to us and we are happy to discuss the use of WhatsApp in your business.

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Note: Flexperto is not an official WhatsApp partner