The ROI of using Flexperto's Communication Cloud

Discover how better customer communication with Flexperto can transform your sales organisation and deliver meaningful value to your customers.

Business Benefits

Save costs, grow revenues and build better relationships

Efficient Sales
Save time | Productive meetings | Less CO2 emissions

Cut down operational costs and save valuable travel time for your sales teams. Reduce number of touchpoints to close customers. Get more out of your meetings thanks to more productive meetings and customer collaboration tools. Reduce operative expenses while decreasing your environmental footprint.

Grow revenues
More conversions | New revenues | More Engagement

Spend up to 30% more time with customers per day. Increase conversions with visual engagement. Open-up new cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with your customer base and build a new revenue channel.

Build better relationships
Customers flywheel | Increased NPS | Employer branding

Customers buy from people. Attract the best sales-talents with modern communication tools. Keep the personal touch of your services from anywhere, at anytime. Build more trust and loyalty over the different steps of your customer journey. That’s how your customers become your best promoters.

Alte Leipizer

Alte Leiziger is saving tremendous travel costs thanks to Flexperto : “All thanks to Flexperto, our distribution partners were able to reduce their costs significantly up to € 100 per consultation.” This opens up new cross-selling and up-selling potential with long-distance and online customers. This way, customers and agents can communicate online from the first conversation to the conclusion of a contract. Thus, decrease time-to-close.

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MLP was able to multiple the number of meetings delivered online by 10x during the covid-19 crisis and recognized higher revenue generated by online channels. „With online consultations, we strengthen our customer relationship, while gaining more flexibility and efficiency in the consultation“.

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Helvetia realized more productive meetings with an 24 minutes average session time for their online-meetings, saving 15% time in comparison to an on-site meeting. About 95% of customers had a positive experience with online meetings, while 85% would renew their experience. Newly introduced channels brought fresh employer branding perception, better customer relationships, and ultimately more sales for Helvetia.

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The Benefits go well beyond the Savings

Improved efficiency

Get more productive meetings. On average, an online meeting takes 15% less time than an on-site meeting. Due to visually guided conversations explanations are clearer to customers than over phone calls. In addition, the Communication Cloud integrates tools such as a scheduling system which avoid the back-and-forth of sending appointment mails. And all thanks to our integrations within your CRM and IT-environment, you don’t need to switch between multiple applications to engage with customers.


Save travel time

Save valuable travel time for you and your customers. On average, 60 min of travel time can be saved per online meeting. This frees up time which can be reinvested in servicing more customers.

Decrease time-to-close

Modern buyers are informed buyers. To make a decision, buyers can search information online and offline over multiple channels. Improve sales velocity with frictionless sales across all channels. Offer a way to follow-up online after an on-site meeting or provide small clarifications with visual support during a phone call. Or speed up the decision time  with the e-signature : E-Contract are signed on average 80% faster than traditional paper-based contracts.

Increased conversions

Double the conversions on your website by offering new service models with sales advices and services via video-chat. Visually enhance your sales presentations via whiteboard or screen sharing. Professionals using screen sharing in their sales processes improve their conversions of up to 40%.

New revenues

Open-up new cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with long-distance and online customers. Right now, only 30% of B & C Customers are covered with traditional field sales. Thanks to online consultations your agents are able to have more conversations with their customer base. 

More engagement

New customers touchpoints with Flexperto enable sales professionals to have more conversations. With up to +30% more time spent with buyers per a day thanks to video chat.

Better relationships

In a busy world with high mobility, Flexperto enables Sales professionals to maintain relationships with buyers and investors anytime and from anywhere. Outside the business hours but also across the sea. With higher availability from your sales teams you can simply build more trust over the years. This increases loyalty and Life-Time Value.

Customers flywheel

In a digital world, everyone expects the same level of service online, than offline. Providing a personal online experience coupled with visual guidances improves engagement, conversions, efficiency and convenience. All combined, it results in a drastic increase of the NPS. Your buyers become your best promoters.

Employer branding

Leading brands deliver better customer experience by differentiating through their people. Attract and retain the best talents with the new service models and tools they will love. Implement new work models in your employer value proposition and build a solid reputation as a great place to work. 

Decrease CO2 emissions

Both your customers and your sales teams are reducing CO2 emissions by saving travel time. Your organisation limits its environment footprint and contributes to making the world better.

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