Flexperto Communication Cloud for Real Estate

Flexperto is the leading software provider for digital customer communication in industries where personal conversations still play a crucial role in the buying process. Flexperto enables Real Estate professionals to deliver the in-person experience online. Deliver only the best to your clients and let them benefit from personal Real Estate advice wherever they are, at any time.

Software for Video Consultation in Real-Estate

Flexperto helps digitising the entire relationship between Real-Estate professionals and their customers

Online acquisition

Real-Estate professionals create their own online profiles, list their services, and set their calendar availability.

Customers can view a broker’s or consultant’s public profile and schedule an online meeting or a property visit.

More engagement

Through their Flexperto dashboard, consultants communicate with customers via online video meetings or through the omnichannel messenger. The screensharing function makes collaboration online, as easy and accessible as it would be on-site.

Close multiparty agreements

Consultants upload documents and collect legally-binding E-Signatures from customers.

All customer history and data is securely stored in enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Exceed customers expectations

Increase service speed, efficiency and convenience for buyers and investors. Thanks to Flexperto, Real Estate agents and brokers serve customers online, yet with a personal touch. Offer seamless communication for the different parties involved in the buying process. From buying advice from experts, to online-visits with the notary. Let your prospects and clients schedule an on-site visit at their convenience. Cut down response times with click-to-call function or engage via WhatsApp with our integration.

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Offer new service models with online visits

Deliver a modern buying experience by offering new service models via video visits. While virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial sector, customers behaviour have shifted significantly in just a few months. Companies offering new services adapted to long-distance prospects, buyers, investors, or corporate clients simply stand out from the competition.

Streamline processes

When several signatures are needed, Flexperto allows you to speed up time to decision with the integrated e-signature. If clarifications are needed, simply engage with conferencing in a multi-party conversation. This provides an opportunity to engage all parties involved in the buying process.

Save travel times with Flexperto. Follow-up online after an initial in-person or in-office conversation or simply manage your time more efficiently between two meetings, thanks to the integrated scheduling system. The results are not only better processes, but more free time which can be spent on new buyers.


Digital communication offers opportunities to stand out from competition for Real Estate Professionals

More engagement

New buyer touchpoints with Flexperto enable Real Estate agents and brokers to have more conversations. With up to +30% more time spent with buyers per a day thanks to video chat.

Increased conversions

Double the conversions on your website by offering new services models such as online visits and real-time advices via video-chat. Professionals using screen-sharing in their sales processes improve their conversions of up to 40%.

Improved efficiency

On average, 60 min of travel times can be saved per online meeting. This frees up time, which can be reinvested in servicing more buyers. In addition, a video meeting takes on average 15% less time than an on-site meeting. E-Contracts are signed on average 80% faster than traditional paper-based contracts.

Better relationships

In a world of high mobility, Flexperto enables Real Estate professionals to maintain relationships with buyers and investors anytime and from anywhere. Outside business hours and regardless of location. This is even more true for foreign investors, as long-distance Real Estate investing is a trend which is gaining popularity.

Happier buyers & investors

In our digital world, everyone expects the same level of service online and offline. Providing a personal online experience coupled with visual guidances improves engagement, conversions, efficiency and convenience. All combined, it results in a drastic increase of the NPS. Your buyers become your best promoters.

"Good technical solutions alone are not enough"

Interview Christian Evers, former CDO at Engel & Völkers & Felix Anthonj, CEO at Flexperto

Customer Success

Our experienced customer success team helped over 40 organisations to successfully implement and launch their own new service models. With over 8 years of experience in the fields of digital sales, we are proud to showcase a plethora of use cases. See success stories