The Communication Cloud for More Efficient Sales.

Everything that your sales employees have done so far offline, is now also available online with Flexperto. Set up customer appointments, clarify questions in the video chat, edit documents together, co-browse websites, sign contracts, or say “hi” to customers through WhatsApp.

Convenient for your customers

  • 100% browser-based, no download needed
  • Really easy to use
  • Receive Messages via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook & Co.

Convenient for your employees

  • Complete customer dialogue in one place
  • Scheduling, video chat, co-browsing, messaging and e-signature
  • Excellent UI / UX for intuitive use

Convenient for IT & Management

  • Easy integration in IT & CRM
  • European Data Protection
  • Options for your corporate branding
  • Experienced customer success team

Everything is conveniently connected in the Communication Cloud

Terminvereinbarung symbol | Scheduling icon_core feature


Your customers can view appointments and schedule a meeting directly.

Terminvereinbarung symbol | Scheduling icon_core feature

Video Conversation

In the video chat, your salespeople build relationships with their customers – online yet in person.

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We have integrated the most common messenger services, such as WhatsApp into the Communication Cloud.

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Flexperto enables the legally binding e-signatures via smartphone. That’s digital sales from A to Z.

More about the Communication Cloud

What our customers say

Dirk Hergesell_Alte Leipziger_Kundenreferenz | Dirk Hergesell_Alte Leipziger_customer testimonial

Dirk Hergesell

Head of Sales Development – Alte Leipziger, Germany

All thanks to Flexperto, our distribution partners were able to reduce their costs significantly up to € 100 per consultation. We chose Flexperto because its tools cover the complete sales process, rather than only small fragments. The software complies with our high data protection standards, which was also very important to us.

Michael Streich_Helvetia Versicherungen_Kundenreferenz | Michael Streich_Helvetia Insurance_customer testimonial

Michael Streich

Head Innovation Realisation – Helvetia, Switzerland

With Flexperto, we achieve the most important thing above all: maximum convenience for our customers. Our agents can provide personalised services from anywhere, anytime without traveling to reach our customers, therefore, benefit by saving an average of 60 minutes on every customer meeting. Flexperto is an agile and reliable partner, with an incredibly dedicated team tailored to our needs.

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Enterprise Grade

Proven Enterprise-grade reliability, security and privacy.

Enterprise-grade reliability

Service clustering and network redundancies to eliminate single points of failure. A publicly available system-status webpage includes system availability details and service incident history.

Best-in-class security

We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of your business-critical data and systems with industry best practices. Servers and services are managed in well defined DMZ and make use of industry standard intrusion detection systems, coupled with multiple security zones.

Compliance and privacy

Access to data is governed by access rights and has various permission levels. Servers are hosted at Tier IV or III+, ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800 compliant facilities. Conform to European Data Protection.


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The Flexperto Difference

The fastest way to implement multiple collaboration tools & communication channels in highly regulated industries.


Move away from silos

Flexperto Communication Cloud is the gateway with your customers channels. Customers can engage and collaborate with any sales agent via Voice, Video Chat, or Instant Messaging and now even WhatsApp.

Unified Collaboration

One instead of ten

From scheduling appointments to collaborating on documents, to co-browsing websites to signing contracts – the complete sales process can be handled online! From one single interface.


Unified API

API-based communication capabilities that work seamlessly with core Enterprise Applications such as Salesforce, or Pega. This means no more complexity of adding and maintaining multiple communication channels & collaboration tools!