Video-Chat: Digital yet personal

Simple and reliable online meetings. Our solutions are focused on the communication with your customers. Video consultation enables you to advice your customers remotely as if you were sitting together on site.

Build customer relationships at their convenience

With video consulting, you can provide customers with almost the same level of support online as on site.

  • Connect and close through video. Build a personal connection with your customers via Videochat and increase the quality of your consultation services.
  • Explain complex problems visually. Features such as Videochat, screen-sharing and the whiteboard let you explain complex products easily online. Whether that be insurance products, developing savings plans or software issues.

Simple and Secure.

  • No plugins or downloads required. No need to worry about big question marks and concerns on the customer side. It just works.
  • Up to 10 participants in an online meeting. You can easily invite additional participants to an online meeting. Participants receive an e-mail and can join the meeting with just a few clicks and without any necessary instructions.
  • Secure communication. Calls are encrypted with 256-bit and are transmitted via German servers. Online meetings have unique URL’s and can only be entered by invited persons.
  • Compatible with any browser. Flexperto works with all major Internet browsers and also on smartphones.
  • HD audio & video. Crystal clear images and sound ensure everyone has a pleasant and productive meeting without constant interruptions. The video chat infrastructure we use processes more than 3 billion audio and video chat minutes per year and provides the necessary stability.

Have engaging conversations wherever you are.

  • It works anywhere. Our data-saving solution allows you to hold online meetings even when you are on the road. No matter whether you are a consultant or a customer. A 3G connection is completely sufficient for a good meeting experience.
  • Recording. Calls and meetings can also be recorded and stored either locally or within your system. This allows you to meet regulatory requirements such as Mifid II.
  • Textchat. The text chat allows you to exchange additional texts and links but also share files through a secure connection.
  • Share content and collaborate. You have a variety of options to share content during an online consultation.

Address customers visually with the whiteboard

Upload PDF documents
Upload sales brochures, product catalogues or other documents and go through them with your customers.
Save content
Customers and consultants can easily download all content including highlighted areas.
Drawing and highlighting
Illustrate concepts on the whiteboard or highlight certain areas on a PDF document to draw your customer's attention to them.
Change presenter
Put your customer in control and let them add information.