Come to Flexperto and change something

We are looking for smart people who rise above themselves every day, drive things forward collaboratively, and with a high degree of personal responsibility.







At Flexperto, everyone is a bit of an entrepreneur.

Everyone works with great enthusiasm and passion towards the goals of the company, their team, and their own personal development. At Flexperto, you don’t have to obtain 5 permits to be able to implement something. We value and live for ownership.

Every Flexperto member strives to deliver their best work. Whether it’s writing code that meets the highest standards of stability and performance, in designing a user experience for simplicity, or in working with customers, we go the extra mile.

We are a team that puts one thing above all else: having fun together! Through our team events, summer parties, joint sports, and barbecues, it’s clear that Flexperto is more than just a job. We’re friends and family.

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