Genesys Integration with Flexperto

Genesys is a global leader in customer experience solutions, providing companies with the tools they need to create meaningful interactions with their customers across all channels. With the integration of Flexperto, Genesys can now offer its customers even more ways to engage with their customers visually and provide a seamless experience.

Escalate chat conversations

The client contacts the company via chat. During the chat, the agent realizes that a visual assistance would be beneficial.

The consultant can create a link to an instant-meeting (via video, or audio-only) in Genesys, which can be posted in the chat.

Offer your customers to collaborate within one-click

Our browser-based technology enables a one-click experience – for customers as well as agents.

No download is needed for the customer to interact with the agent.

Support customers visually

Now the customer and consultant can enter the meeting room via the link and use Flexperto tools to view documents together, use co-browsing or even sign contracts.

How Flexperto catapults sales and services-teams

By using Flexperto with all its functionalities via our CRM, we can guarantee that we have all tracking on our side, without any loss of information. Since we started using Flexperto, our 380 active users have an average meeting time of 41min, which makes online meetings more productive than on-site meetings. Our conversion rate is 50% higher in comparison to consultation via telephone.
Jan Hagge

Product Owner - Dr. Klein Privatkunden AG

All thanks to Flexperto, our distribution partners were able to reduce their costs significantly up to € 100 per consultation. We chose Flexperto because its tools cover the complete sales process, rather than only small fragments. The software complies with our high data protection standards, which was also very important to us.
Dirk Hergesell

Director of Sales Development – ALTE LEIPZIGER-HALLESCHE

Communication, supercharged for Genesys users.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. With our new integration, we are excited to offer businesses even more ways to engage with their customers and build lasting relationships.

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