Recording & Archiving

Flexperto offers a pain-free, affordable solution for firms to record customer consultations and archive recordings to meet the MiFID-II and FinVermV requirements.

Record and archive video consultations in one, compliant solution

Choose Your Recording Configuration

We give you full flexibility – control which users should have access, whether recording should be manual or start automatically, and whether recordings should include video or audio-only.

Easy Access to Recordings

Easily find and download available recordings in a simple interface. Search by meeting ID or participant email address, filter by a date range, and download recordings for playback or additional recording purposes.

Archive Recordings Securely

Collect recording archives via our API or store them in our MiFID II and FinVermV compliant solution for up to ten years.


Methods of Recording

Flexperto supports two different methods of recording video consultations:

  1. Automatic – Meetings are automatically recorded. Consultants are not able to start and stop recording.
  2. Manual – Meetings are not recorded by default. Consultants must click a button to start and stop recording.

Only one method can be enabled at any time for each company.

Collecting Consent for Recording

If a company is configured to use Manual Recording, there is an additional possibility of collecting consent to record from meeting participants. If this setting is enabled, when a consultant clicks the Recording button and starts recording, they will see a popup message instructing them to ask participants if they consent to the session being recorded. Participants must give verbal consent for the recording to continue. If a participant declines, the consultant will cancel the recording and the recorded files will be deleted.


Accessing and Downloading Recordings

Consultants can view the Meeting Recordings page that lists all past recordings and allows them to:

  • Filter recordings that were created between a date range
  • Search recordings by metadata, such as the conference ID or a participant’s email address (if available)
  • Download a recording (as a MP4 file)






Archiving Solution for MiFID II and FinVermV

In addition to recording, Flexperto offers a compliant solution for firms to archive recordings long-term, to meet the regulation of the MiFID II and FinVermV directives.

MiFID II and FinVermV Requirements

Banks, liability umbrellas, asset managers with a BaFin license according to Section 32 of the German Banking Act (KWG), and according to the most updated FinVermV, financial investment brokers with a license according to section 34f of German Trade Regulation Act (GewO), so-called 34f agents, are obligated to record consultations conducted via telephone or video, plus related electronic communications, and to store them in a tamper-proof manner.

A compliant recording and archiving solution for MiFID II and FinVermV must meet the following requirements:

  1. Compliant recording of calls, on demand or automatically
  2. All electronic channels are recorded (voice, screen, video, chat)
  3. Data storage must be audit-proof
  4. Recording archives must be immutable and cannot be manipulated after creation
  5. Tamper-proof storage for five years (up to seven years) according to MiFID II and for a minimum of ten years according to FinVermV
  6. Short-term provision of the recordings for customers and authorities upon request
  7. Easy search and availability as well as effortless mapping of recordings from the agents’ premises
  8. Compliance with GDPR: multi-tenant capability, user rights, logical separation of the database for cloud solutions, encryption etc.


Flexperto’s Archiving Solution with Unimatica

In partnership with Unimatica (Flexperto’s sister company as part of the RGI Group), Flexperto customers can purchase our Archiving module that provides the necessary data required for compliance, plus long-term storage in Unimatica’s UniStorage.

When a consultant ends a meeting, in addition to the recording, an archive will be automatically created that contains:

  • Whiteboard Event History and Documents uploaded (and deleted)
  • Text-Chat History
  • Files exchanged via the Text-Chat
  • Multimedia Recording of all Streams (Camera / Screen / Audio & Video Tracks)
  • MetaData (start / end / participants)
  • Contracts signed via E-Signature
  • Audit Log of E-Signature Sessions
  • Audit Log of CoBrowsing Sessions


After creation, archives are automatically passed and stored in Unimatica’s UniStorage. Archives will be stored in UniStorage up to the requirements of the firm (MiFID II requires a minimum of five years and a maximum of seven years, FinVermV requires ten years).

Unimatica is ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified and thus meets the highest security requirements. For use as an archiving solution in Germany, Unimatica successfully underwent an IDW PS 880 test for MiFID II compliance by a German auditor at the end of 2021.

Once stored in UniStorage, archives can be accessed by Administrators in a similar way as recordings are from the Meeting Recordings page. Administrators can filter by date, search, and see which recordings have associated archives. Archives can also be downloaded from the page (as a zip file).