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In the digital age, brokers and sales agents wants to be digitally supported. Empower your broker support teams with the modern communication channels and collaboration tools they need to support brokers remotely, via video calls, co-browsing and screensharing.

Communication between brokers and brokers support is complicated

  • Contact frequency – long-distance travels involved for running on-site workshops has a negative impact on the contact frequency of B and C brokers.
  • Service quality – the allocation of key resources is not optimised. Brokers have less time for being trained and supported and ask for more flexibility. Brokers support can join sales partners anytime for remote advices.
  • New generations – a modern communication infrastructure has a massive impact on broker productivity, employer branding and on the customer NPS.

Enabling a new era of broker support

  • Brokers support provides the same quality of advices than on-site, thanks to visual engagement & collaborative tools such as screensharing or co-browsing
  • Higher contact frequency than with conventional methods
  • Save travel time, which can be re-invested in more trainings
  • On the spot support in-and-outside of office traditional hours

Many insurers are facing the broker support digitization challenge

Less than 50%

of customer are located within a 100 kilometers perimeter from a broker – more than 25% are even more than 250 km away.

When it comes to brokers’ support functions these numbers increase even more. By saving travel time and because it allows more contact frequency with brokers, enabling digital brokers support have a huge impact on brokers’ organisation.

Transcend brokers support with Flexperto

up to 24/7

Availability of the brokers support team for enabling brokers


Offering modern communication channels has huge impact on employer branding and for the recruitment of new generations of brokers


More contact frequency than via conventional methods


Why customers are repeatedly choosing Flexperto over other communication software.

All-in-One Solution

We integrate all communication channels in one software and do not offer only one single channel (e.g. video-chat)

Built for Enterprises

With our whitelabelling functionalities and integration capabilities, we are able to satisfy specific Enteprises needs.

Focused on Financial Services

With our proven track record in the financial services industry, we understand the use cases and are especially focused on all sales relevant applications.


The benefits at a glance

90 Online Training Sessions

can be performed by a digital broker per month

24 Minutes

Average time per online training session

90 Minutes

of travel time can be saved per online training session

Leading brands are empowering their brokers and sales support teams using Flexperto

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