Success Stories Alte Leipziger

Leading German Insurance is implementing Flexperto with its distribution partners

ALTE LEIPZIGER is rolling out online consulting in various sales channels. This saves up to €100 per consultation, and the elimination of travel significantly increases the number of appointments. In this way, ALTE LEIPZIGER provides its customers with a digital and innovative advisory service.


Reduced costs per consultation due to savings with travel distances


Increase in online consultations since 2019



Of customers rated an online consultation as “good” or “very good”


  • Like many other insurers, ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE primarily uses its exclusivity organization as well as independent brokers for their insurance distribution. The demands and communication channels of insurance customers have changed in recent years. In the race of digitization and the rise of new technical possibilities, customers expect a more flexible approach than traditional offices and a more personal approach than online customer self-services.
  • At the same time, long-distance customers were not advised optimally : involving high time spent on the road for a consultation. In order to retain its position as one of the leading insurer in Germany and even increase its market share, the ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE  is pursuing a consistent multi-channel strategy.
  • “Who cannot engage its customers with appropriate services, takes the risk of losing them”- Dirk Hergesell, Director of Sales Development ALTE LEIPZIGER HALLESCHE
  • Insurers have to react faster to changing customer needs and offer more flexibly to them : new revenue models are more quickly tested in the market. And often, new services are shipped at the cost of data security or compliance. The ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE understood that. This was a key in the choice of Flexperto : going digital, yes, but also secure and compliant with strong data protection requirements.


  • The decision was made for platform aggregates all features needed to provide a multi-channel approach, while maintaining a frictionless online consultation experience for both the customer and the agent. These include, for example, online appointment scheduling, personal communication via video chat or the possibility of sharing screen content with the other party. Despite its wide range of features, the solution is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. In addition, no download is required from customers side : a web-browser is enough.
  • Both customers can engage visually in the conferencing room via document collaboration features such as the whiteboard where documents can be edited together and diagrams can be created and explained. A contract can also be concluded online thanks to the electronic signature, or if desired directly after the consultation. In this way, customers and consultants can go online without media breaks from the first conversation to the conclusion of a contract. This opens up new cross-selling and up-selling potential with long-distance and online customers.
  • Flexperto was chosen because of it ensures a perfect IT-Security concept, rigorous data protection and compatibility with other core systems. The platform is built for a seamless multi-user deployment, even within complex enterprise environments.
  • ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE and Flexperto worked side by side towards a multi-stage process to optimize employee onboarding. From the beginning, ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE actively involved the employees who are using the technologies. Following “change management” best practices, ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE therefore actively gathered the agents requirements and feedback in the various implementation phases. Flexperto acted not only as a pure software supplier, but also as a full-service provider for the introduction of a new and innovative sales and service channel. In addition to the actual software solution, Flexperto also provided its experience and expertise in corporate digitization, integration into the existing process and IT landscape, project management approach and change management.
“All thanks to Flexperto, our distribution partners were able to reduce their costs significantly up to € 100 per consultation. We chose Flexperto because its tools cover the complete sales process, rather than only small fragments. The software complies with our high data protection standards, which was also very important to us.”
– Dirk Hergesell, Director of Sales Development – ALTE LEIPZIGER-HALLESCHE