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  • Helvetia’s traditional strengths rely on in the personal advices given by their agents. Many customers value the personal touch of dealing directly with an agent. Helvetia wanted to keep the personal touch of dealing directly face-to-face with an agent, but online.
  • Meanwhile, however, an increasing proportion of customers also want to use digital channels. Customers are becoming more individual, more demanding and expectation are changing at high-speed. Keep the customer experience at the heart of the process.
  • “We’re harnessing the new opportunities opened up by digitalisation to keep improving the customer experience. At the same time, we want to remain personal, friendly and local.” – Ralph Jeitziner, Director of Distribution, Helvetia, Switzerland
  • As multi-lingual leading company, Helvetia was looking for an agile and reliable IT-partner with platform available in four different languages


  • Together, Helvetia and Flexperto believe that in the future, customer consultation will be supported digitally, yet communication will remain personalised. This shared vision has acted as the pulse in the decision to adopt Flexperto.
  • After a first meeting with the responsible stakeholders in April 2016, Flexperto has been deployed for six month pilot phase in autumn 2016.
  • During the pilot. morning stand-up meetings led to share best practices and experiences across the sales organization. The agents rapidly have been carrying up an average of more than 20 meetings per month. From the beginning, the agents loved how convenient it is to show their meetings availability to customers with their own Helvetia branding, making it really easy for the customers to schedule an appointment to speak with them.
  • Tools cover the complete sales process, rather than only small fragments, enabling digital sales from scheduling a meeting or engaging via video. With Flexperto, agents can clarify questions in the video chat, share their screen, edit documents together or co-browse a claim form.
  • Customers can even digitally sign contracts via smartphone while in the video- chat or after a consultation. Signature is “THE” most appreciated feature for both customers and agents.
  • Helvetia successfully integrated into marketing e-mails campaigns with call-to-action to schedule an online meetings. This increased customers’s awareness to customer online consultations offering, resulting to more meetings for insurance agents, to ultimately more usage within the sales organisation.
“With Flexperto, we achieve the most important thing above all: maximum convenience for our customers. Flexperto is an agile and reliable partner, with an incredibly dedicated team tailored to our needs.”
– Michael Streich, Head of Projects and Sales Processes, Helvetia, Switzerland