Flexperto Communication Cloud for Travel Agencies

Flexperto's Communication Cloud is the leading software for digital customer communication in industries where personal consultations are still an essential part of the customer experience. Typically, booking a vacation is based on an in-person experience including images of destinations and much more. Hence, Flexperto now enables Travel Agencies to deliver the in-person experience online. We offer comprehensive communication solutions to provide a digital yet personal customer dialogue with customers - wherever they are, at any time.

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Exceed customers expectations

Increase service speed, efficiency and convenience for travel customers. Thanks to Flexperto, Travel Agencies can consult customers about their next holiday online, yet with a personal touch. Offer seamless communication for the different parties involved in the buying process. Let your prospects and clients schedule an on-site visit at their convenience. Cut down response times with click-to-call function or engage via WhatsApp with our integration.

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Online-Consultation for efficient Travel Agencies

When several signatures are needed, Flexperto allows you to speed up time to decision with the integrated e-signature. If clarifications on certain travel details or itineraries are needed, simply engage with conferencing in a multi-party conversation. This provides an opportunity to engage all parties involved.

Follow-up online after an initial in-person conversation or simply manage your time more efficiently between two meetings, thanks to the integrated scheduling system. The results are not only better processes, but more free time which can be spent on new customers and their next holidays.



Online consultation offers opportunities to stand out from competition for Travel Agencies

More engagement

New customer touchpoints with Flexperto enables Travel Agencies to have more conversations. With up to +30% more time spent with customers per day thanks to video chat.

Increased conversions

Increase your Travel Agency’s conversion rate by offering new experiences such as online visits and real-time advices via video-chat. Professionals using screen-sharing in their sales processes improve their conversions of up to 40%.

Better relationships

In a world of high mobility, Flexperto enables Travel Agencies to maintain relationships with their customers anytime and from anywhere. Outside business hours and whether they are at home or on vacation.

Satisfied customers

In our digital world, everyone expects the same level of service online and offline. Providing a personal online experience coupled with visual guidances improves engagement, conversions, efficiency and convenience. All combined, it results in a drastic increase of the NPS and ultimately leads to customers who are happy to recommend your agency to friends and family.