Co-browsing: Surf the web together with your customers

Co-browsing enables you to guide your customers through your website, fill out forms together, calculate rates or sell products online. And all this without any downloads or adjustments to your website.

No downloads

Neither your employees nor your customers need to install a software. Co-browsing is compatible with every common browser.



Co-browsing sessions are encrypted by SHA-256 SSL and are never stored on a server.


No adjustments to your site

Due to our proxy technology, no adjustments to the code of your website are necessary. You can start immediately without having to initiate lengthy and political integration projects.


No limits

Co-browse with your customers not only on your own website, but through the entire web as if you were surfing together with a virtual browser. A smooth audio transmission of videos is also ensured.

Flexperto’s co-browsing compared to other solutions

Flexperto is the leading technology provider in the field of co-browsing. With current solutions, the code of websites must always be adapted and some content cannot be shared. Co-browsing with Flexperto, on the other hand, works simply, and you and your customers can surf the entire web together, not just your own website.

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Transfer of rights

You can easily adjust the control rights for each co-browsing session. Either you lead your customers or your customers stay in control. In that case, you can give instructions to your customers, but you can still take back control at any time, if necessary.

Hide input fields

For secure collaboration, you can specify what an employee can see while customers enter personal or sensitive information in a co-browsing session.

Drawing functions

Our drawing functions are both highly popular and useful. Using a kind of brush, you can mark specific areas of the website for the customer to visually guide someone through the website. The markings disappear automatically after a few seconds.


All actions during a session can be assigned to the person who performed them. We log all actions and can keep them for you for compliance purposes.

Full control over web content

You determine which functions your employees can use on your website, such as clicking on a specific button. You can also hide certain contents completely.

The choice is yours:

Co-browsing as a stand-alone solution


Co-browsing in the Communication Cloud.

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