Digital customer communication. Simple and secure.

We created Flexperto to manage the complete customer communication & collaboration from one single place.


Meeting scheduling
made simple

Stop the back-and-forth scheduling. Integrate all common calendars (Exchange, Outlook, Office365, iCloud, and Google Calendar) seamlessly with your profile, so everyone knows when you are free, and when you’re not.

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Face-to-face communication wherever your customers are

Communicate in real time through video and audio with a high quality of image and sound. Our platform provides best-in-class live-video chat with HD-video and audio.

  • Co-Browsing. Co-Browsing enables agent´s and customer´s to act together on websites or process online forms together. The permissions can be changed, both parties can mark with different colors or seamlessly switch to another website.
  • Document-Sharing. Using the file exchange function that is built in in the text chat, you can share any files during the session.
  • Whiteboard. Support your comments and discussions with graphical illustrations, through text, arrows, or geometrical shapes.


Go paperless with digital signatures

With the fully integrated digital signature you can easily sign legally binding contracts within minutes.

  • Upload Contract. Simply upload a PDF, place a signature field and send it to customers
  • Sign Contract. Customers can fill out missing details, proceed ID Verification and sign with their smartphone
  • Get Notified. With a synchronization to your CRM, contracts can be stored centrally and sent to other departments for post-signature processes



Say hello on WhatsApp,
Telegram & Co.

Flexperto is the gateway to the latest Omni-Channel capabilities. Agents can engage and collaborate with customers via the most popular channels, including Voice, Video, or Instant Messaging. In a compliant, GDPR conform way.

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Channels Access

Always be one step ahead with adding new channels or constant API changes – Flexperto deals with the complexity of integrating and maintaining multiple channels.

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No matter what channel your client writes: whether SMS or WhatsApp, all messages are routed to a single conversation.

Secured Messenger

You can always move the conversation to a secure web messenger and share sensitive information with customers.

Stay in Sync

Flexperto is the communication layer between your customers and your CRM. A full integration allows you to sync the complete customer dialogue: meetings, messages, contracts, files. No data silos, more compliance.

More Features


Easily record live calls and video sessions for meeting the most stringent compliance and regulatory requirements such as MiFID II.

Qualified Electronic Signature

The qualified electronic signature gives you the ability to verify the identity of your counterpart through a third party. This allows you to sign legally binding digital documents.


Flexperto keeps track of data usage. All important indicators are measured. Customer specific analyses offer a regular overview of the performance of the software users.

Video Legitimation

Some processes (e.g. credit agreements) need to have verification of a person in order to prove the identity of this person is legally certain. Flexperto offers this video legitimation additionally.


SaaS delivered. We customize the Communication Cloud design to fit with your brand.

GDPR Compliant

Order processing, European servers, deletion routines. We know the requirements of European companies for data protection.


Agents can customize their public profile individually and complement it with a welcome text, product description or any additional information.

Contacts Management

Create new contacts, search for names and email addresses. Customers’ information are saved automatically. Notes can be added and meetings can be scheduled from this section.

100% Web-Based

100% browser-based, no download needed, works in all major browsers.

Are you ready for seamless communication across all channels?

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