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Sales units can now handle the complete customer dialogue from A to Z : online, yet personal. The platform for digital sales enables face-to-face engagement via video-calls coupled with co-browsing and other collaborative features such the scheduling system, the e-signature & the messenger. Learn how digital sales is adopted by leading brands in their sales networks to exceed customers expectations. Get Started

The communication between sales units and customers is still analogue

Service Velocity. State-of-the-art communication channels have a severe impact on NPS and customer satisfaction.

Long-Distance Customers. Due to a lack of time and constant changes of customers‘ location, remote services are paramount.

New Target Groups. Expect effortless and personal communication across a multitude of channels.

Untouched Opportunities. Customer base and online leads are often not being engaged enough. There are big sales and upselling opportunities, which can be remotely untapped.

Modern sales units know that the ultimate customer experience is connected

Modern communication presents challenges for insurers with large agent-networks.

Only 30%

of insurance sales agents in Germany feel supported by their insurance company in this matter.

Whether online consultation is used is thus less determined by age effects, but rather by the sales management board’s willingness for innovation.

Transcend traditional field sales with digitally enabled sales.

+5 contracts

Sales agents, who use digital communication tools such as Video Calls regularly, achieve on average 5 more deals with regards to life and pension insurances.

+40% sales

By using Video calls and Screensharing, a more personalized consultation can take place, leading to an up to 40% increase in sales.

Brand Identity

The use of online advisory not only makes sales teams more successful, but also provides an important contribution to brand identity


Why customers are repeatedly choosing Flexperto over other communication software.

All-in-One Solution

We integrate all communication channels in one software and do not offer only one single channel (e.g. video-chat)

Built for Enterprises

With our whitelabelling functionalities and integration capabilities, we are able to satisfy specific Enteprises needs.

Focused on Financial Services

With our proven track record in the financial services industry, we understand the use cases and are especially focused on all sales relevant applications.


Positive Results – Increased Sales Efficiency.

  • 30 Video Sessions are being performed by an active sales agent per month.
  • 24 Minutes is the average duration of an online sales meeting.
  • 60 Minutes of travel time are being saved per online sales meeting.



of the customers who have previously been in an online sales meeting would love to reiterate the experience.


rate their online session as good or very good.

Leading brands are empowering their sales organisations using Flexperto

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