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EWE Success Story

The leading energy provider EWE is strengthening its position as digital pioneer in the modern energy markets by introducing digital service in an innovative online branch. Learn how EWE adopted a holistic solution for four critical application fields.






Energy, Energy Services and Telecommunication

Flexperto Funktionen

Scheduling, Messaging, Online-Meeting, E-Signatur


  • Use Case 1: Business customers are busy and do not have time to travel long distances to an EWE shop to consult about energy products.
  • Use Case 2: EWE Vertrieb GmbH cooperates with various craft enterprises and partners throughout Germany to provide energy services. Due to the distance, however, cooperation is difficult and takes a lot of time.
  • Use Case 3: In technical support, neither simple telephone calls nor e-mails are always sufficient to help customers in case of a DSL/telephone malfunction. Technical terms are like foreign words for many customers.
  • Flexperto makes it easier to work in these different fields of application and to consult customers and partners.
  • EWE signed a contract in mid-February 2020 and the platform for the first application field was to be ready just under two weeks later.



  • The on-site workshop with Flexperto in Oldenburg enabled all requirements of the individual areas/application fields to be identified and prioritized.
  • The workshop and on-site visit to the established online branch ensured a short-term solution. Therefore, individual solutions were/are built depending on the area/application field, but all of them were/are combined in the holistic communication platform.
  • For Use Case 3, for example, access to video chat via the messaging function is the most user-friendly and simplest answer. In addition, technical problems can be viewed together with the EWE employee in the Video Chat using the camera change function.
  • For Use Cases 2 and 1, both online scheduling and digital consultation are the appropriate tools. Commercial customers and partners are offered more flexibility and time and cost savings.


2 Weeks

To roll out the Live-Plattform

3 Use Cases

EWE is digitizing the three use cases, the commercial customers in the online branch, the cooperation with partners and the technical support. 


Thanks to a close collaboration after the workshop, new use cases and fields of application, as well as new jobs were launched together by EWE, ensuring business continuity in times of Covid-19.

With flexperto, EWE has thus found a simple and individually tailored solution to their needs and is now a digital pioneer in their service offering among electricity and energy companies.