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In four days to a rollout with 2000 financial advisors

MLP has been a leader in financial services since 1971, helping nearly one million clients manage their personal finances. As MLP’s traditional strengths rely on customer relationship, MLP was looking for new ways to engage with their customers online. A Flexperto sprint week streamlined the implementation process to only four days and delivered a solid success plan for the deployment of the communication platform to 2000 financial advisors. Thanks to high-speed innovation management coupled to perfect customer success practices, the sales organisation is now running more than 8000 sales meetings per month.







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Videochat, Screensharing, E-Signature, MiFID II recording


  • MLP’s goal was to optimise the sales advisory experience with Flexperto’s communication cloud; however, the team was held back by complicated internal processes.
  • MLP needed to involve several departments to identify the technical requirements for sales advisors in the field of customer communication and collaboration.
  • With a complex Citrix environment, MLP needed to evaluate any possible restrictions and ensure a successful implementation when deploying Flexperto in the entire sales organisation.


  • MLP participated in a Flexperto sprint week in the MLP-Innovate Space camp. The sprint week consisted of workshops where all critical stakeholders (IT, consultant workstation, branch office managers and data protection / IT security) could discuss and plan the final implementation together. The test lab streamlined the planning process; all relevant technical questions regarding feasibility, infrastructure and network, data protection and IT security were able to be resolved efficiently.
  • “Thank you again for your commitment in the introduction of Flexperto. I have never received so much great feedback from a team on an IT-topic.” Alexander Hofmann, Director of workplace technologies
  • The focused workshop format allowed for proactive planning; a customer success plan was developed for the gradual introduction of Flexperto in to MLP’s network of advisors, including onboarding and training. With the defined requirements, a creation prototype was agreed upon with live-testing in two branches after four days. Four weeks after, the board decided to roll out Flexperto nationwide – with more than 2000 advisors involved.
  • After only six months of deployment, MLP sales advisors already reached the cap of 8000 sales meetings delivered per month.
  • Today, more than 2000 active users per month are offering digital financial advices to their customer. A successful deployment thanks to perfect customer success concept and collaboration!


4 days

for all decision-related questions to be answered


monthly active users


sales meetings per month conducted nationwide

“MLP stands for customer proximity and comprehensive personal advices for all financial matters. Implementing the possibility to deliver financial online advices came as a natural extension to on-site personal advisory. With online consultations, we strengthen our customer relationship, while gaining more flexibility and efficiency in the consultation. As customers’ expectations for services accessibility and availability will continue to grow, this will remain a key factor.”

– Oliver Liebermann, Chief Sales Officer at MLP Finanzberatung SE