The Communication Cloud from Flexperto uses the best-of-breed model for the rapid integration of market-leading and reliable technologies and stands for maximum integration capability in existing IT structures.

“We believe that personal advice will also be an important component of the service for our customers in a digital world. Flexperto offers an ideal solution for this. "

- Andreas Laule, Managing Director @ Berliner Volksbank Ventures.

Complete customer communication in one place

Due to the modular structure of the Flexperto Communication Cloud with regard to microservices, Flexperto can quickly integrate other technology providers into the Communication Cloud. The provision of APIs also supports integration. For example, Flexperto can integrate different collaboration tools and offer communication channels such as messenger within the communication solution.

Advanced integration via API

Using the API, advanced integration scenarios for customer entry are possible. For example, the online status of a consultant can already be displayed in the search mask or on the consultant homepage. This means that customers can start an immediate session if available. Individual UI jump points to the most frequently used functions (e.g. online appointment booking, co-browsing, etc.) can also be set individually.

Rapid integration of market-leading technologies

Flexperto is not a strictly self-contained software, in which extensions are only possible after a very high development effort. The system is already built to combine different technologies in one platform.

Integration in sales systems

With regard to the integration into the system landscape of the user, different scenarios and functions can be mapped: Single Sign On / SAML, synchronization of contacts, process-related filing of activities, starting a meeting from an external system, integrations in the calendar system. Thus, on the one hand, with regard to the regulations, a solid documentation of the consultation is created. On the other hand, processes are optimized and thus costs and manual workload are reduced.

Our Integrations