B2C Messaging - from conversations to conversions

Communicate with customers through the most popular messaging channels, all through one unified inbox. SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp and more, supported by an enterprise-grade infrastructure and compliant with GDPR.

Move the conversation with smart B2C Messaging features

  • Modern Messaging Experience. Send messages with confidence and inform users with delivery and read receipt, typing indicators and timestamps.
  • Share Media. Enhance conversations with photos, videos, documents, and soon locations.
  • Schedule Meetings. Send a smart URL link of your personal profile. This enables your customer to schedule a meeting or even start a video session if you’re available.
  • Convert with the E-Signature. Speed up the process until the close with the integrated E-Signature. Start an E-Signature from the Messenger. Customer will receive a message with a secured link and you’ll get notified when the document is signed.

Your B2C Messaging Roadmap on autopilot

  • Add Messaging channels. Integrate Messaging channels within days instead of months. We reduce the complexity of adding and maintaining multiple channels such as SMS, WhatsApp Business API, Telegram & co. to your communication stack.
  • 100% Compliant. We built our messenger with compliance in mind, including the most stringent industries. Securely share any information with customers. Compliant with GDPR, MiFID II and soon KBV.
  • Fully integrated. Leverage Flexperto’s set of smart features, right inside the messenger. Send your scheduling link or start an E-Signature from the Messenger. In addition, the Messenger can be integrated within your CRM which means you can keep track of any conversation.
  • Truly Omnichannel. You can engage from the channel of your choice within the messenger without having to worry. The conversation history across any channel used will be synced in the Messenger. And the messages are routed within a unified conversation thread. That’s truly omnichannel.

Security and privacy made in Germany

  • Enterprise-Grade Security. The Messenger is a secure and completely encrypted Messaging platform built for the Enterprise to customer dialogue.
  • Archiving Messages. Save messages including text, pictures, and metadata. Records can be found side-by-side and accessible on-demand with other supported data.
  • Opt-In Management. We take care of compliant Opt-Ins and log the information for all Messaging channels.
  • Automatic data-deletion. You can define rules to automatically delete messages for GDPR reasons.
  • Years experience in data-security. We have been working in regulatory industries for many years and know the requirements.

Redefine your B2C Engagement today