Flexperto Communication Cloud for insurance companies

Flexperto is the leading software provider with regards to digital customer communication in the insurance sector. With its strong focus on the insurance market, Flexperto offers comprehensive communication solutions in order to enable a digital yet personal customer dialogue with insurance customers.

More than 40 leading insurance companies successfully digitized their sales with Flexperto, including :

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Online consulting for insurance companies

The use of online consulting enables insurance companies to provide excellent customer care even over distance, without neglecting the personal component of consulting or reducing its quality. Online consultations are suitable for all areas of the customer cycle, from initial contact, through acquisition via digital enabled sales teams, and portfolio management, to claims management.

With the Communication Cloud, all aspects of digital customer care are covered: from scheduling appointments, web-based video chats, co-browsing to the conclusion of contracts through digital signatures. Powering digital enablement, from A to Z.

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E-signature for insurances

Flexperto enables you to sign all contracts, documents and forms digitally and in a legally compliant manner. The Communication Cloud thus offers the most comprehensive communication solution for the insurance sector, with which contracts can be signed by the customer himself during a video consultation or afterwards.


Digital communication offers opportunities to improve the customer dialogue on several levels

More deals

Online consulting simply means that more sales conversations with customers can be conducted. Since there are no longer any travel times, but the consulting discussions themselves are also more focused and efficient.

More efficiency

Online consulting does not mean that face-to-face consulting is becoming redundant. Would you like to conduct important sales talks on site? Then use online consulting for efficient pre-qualification, claims assessment, obtaining forms or the annual meeting. This saves sales staff valuable time, which you can then invest in profitable discussions with customers.

Reaching new target groups

Especially younger target groups do not only want to be advised on site, but also digitally. The crucial factor is that personal contact is also important to this young target group. Not providing up-to-date support could lead to your competition filling those gaps or your target group reverting to fully digital apps.

Maintaining customer relationships

Nowadays, people are changing their place of residence more and more frequently. To ensure that agents do not lose contact with customers when they move, they can seamlessly continue to support and keep in touch with them through online consulting.

Better customer experience

Customers communicate digitally, and expect the same from their insurance company. In hectic everyday life, there is hardly any time left for work, leisure and family. That’s why customers forego the need for a personal conversation on site. With online consulting, you can adapt to these new living habits. This means that customers can make use of online consulting regardless of location and time.

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Flexperto maintains an active network in the insurance industry with insurance companies, reinsurance companies, technology partners, InsurTechs, training providers and consultants. This enables us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of partnerships, products and services.

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