Flexperto's Software for Financial Advisors

Flexperto is the leading software provider for sales communications in the financial advisory sector. With its in-depth expertise in highly regulated industries, Flexperto's software for financial advisors enables them to consult their customers online and in accordance to compliance requirements such as MiFID II. Clients benefit from personal financial advisory wherever they are, at the time of their convenience.

Leading Financial Advisories digitalised their Sales with Flexperto

Digital Consultation for Financial Advisory

Nowadays, clients expect interactions to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly connected across physical and digital channels. The use of digital consultation enables financial advisory brands to deliver great customer experiences even over distance, without neglecting the personal component of a meeting.

Online consulting and video consulting in particular, is suitable for all areas of the customer journey. From initial contact after an in-person meeting, to investment advices, or portfolio management updates. Thanks to Flexperto, advisors can also be supported online with dedicated remote experts and trainers.

Flexperto is one of the first software providers to specialize in online and video consulting for financial companies. With the Flexperto Communication Cloud, the complete customer dialogue is covered: from scheduling meetings, having a conversation over voice or video, intuitively seeing and editing documents together, to the closure of contracts via e-signature.

That’s digital advisory: from A to Z.See how leading financial advisory brands use Flexperto

E-Signature for Financial Advisory

With Flexperto you can digitally and legally sign all contracts, documents and forms in the advisory process. Contracts can be signed by the customer himself during a video consultation or afterwards.

Compliance in our DNA

By collaborating with highly regulated industries for the past eight years, Flexperto has built relationships with compliance regulators and departments of over 40 leading insurance companies and banks. We can showcase both experience and vast knowledge on legal requirements within the fields we operate in and are continuously running compliance workshops to keep up with fast-evolving compliance landscapes.


Our Software for Financial Advisors offers you Opportunities to stand out from other Brands

More engagement

Enable cross-selling and up-selling potential of 30% from online and B & C customers by being available to your customers regardless of your location and by offering meaningful conversations all throughout their journey. This results in more clients being engaged and hence, more revenue.

Improved efficiency

Gain instant access to new customer collaboration tools such as scheduling, e-signature, or screensaring and improve the efficiency of your workforce. Thanks to our CRM integrations the entire dialogue is documented. In addition, a video session takes 15% less time on average than a physical meeting, which means time can be reinvested in more meetings with customers.

Gain new target groups

Generation Y & Z do not only want to be advised offline, but digitally as well. A key differentiator between financial advisories and new digital-only players rely on the personal advice given to the client. Personal contact is important as well to these target groups. Not providing the modern experiences customers want can benefit to competition filling those gaps or your target group churn to digital-only banks.

Maintain long-distance customer relationships

In a world of ever-increasing mobility, customers are changing their place of residence more often. Flexperto enables bank agents to maintain relationships with long-distance customers, so that they can continue supporting them even far away from home.

Effortless communication

Guide customers in real-time to provide help with visual guidance. Walk a customer through a web-formular via co-browsing or show a new investment opportunity on your screen via screen sharing.

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In 4 days to a Rollout with 2000 Financial Advisors

A sprint week streamlined the implementation process to only four days and delivered a solid success plan to onboard 2000 financial advisors. See how MLP is using Flexperto