Claim Management

Flexperto gives adjusters the ability to handle claims remotely through a live stream from the customer’s mobile device. Claimers can show damage in real time with live video claims, flip the camera and let the adjuster take a picture of the damage and file claims more efficiently. Adjusters can take a picture live directly in the video feed and attach it to the customer file. Get Started

Why video-claims adjustment?

  • Shortened claim lifecycle – the click-to-call function enables an instant video session between an adjuster and claimer. Claims can be documented on the spot with video : that’s how video can shorten the claim adjustment process from hours to minutes
  • Happy customers – time is key for customers. As an insurance it is important to be there in the customer’s “moment of truth”. By processing a claim faster, enabling video-claims improve customer satisfaction rates and NPS
  • More productivity – save precious travels times for your adjuster, especially for small claims. Thanks to video-claims adjustment, adjusters can handle more claims in the day.


of customers would welcome the ability to have damage to their car or home appraised using live video chat.

Source: accenture-insurance-claims-survey (2015).

Enable true video-claims journey.


Scheduling, Messaging, Adhoc Call
  • Let your customer schedule an online claim assessment – share your adjuster link with via chat or a simple SMS or WhatsApp message
  • Adhoc call – if available, starts voice or video-call for a claim assessment

Video-call, Conferencing, Visual Engagement
  • Use video-call to do a live remote inspection
  • Add another expert adjuster easily to the video-call for a second opinion
  • Clarify complex questions with visual engagement and collaboration tools such as screensharing or help customers fill-in a claim form with co-browsing

Flip-camera, Photo capture, ID verification, E-Signature
  • Claimer can flip the video to his back camera to show a damage
  • Save documentary evidence thanks to the remote photo capture system
  • Process ID verification for fraud detection and save time with the e-signature


Why customers are repeatedly choosing Flexperto over other communication software.

All-in-One Solution

We integrate all communication channels in one software and do not offer only one single channel (e.g. video-chat)

Built for Enterprises

With our whitelabelling functionalities and integration capabilities, we are able to satisfy specific Enteprises needs.

Focused on Financial Services

With our proven track record in the financial services industry, we understand the use cases and are especially focused on all sales relevant applications.

Leading insurance brands are improving claims processes using Flexperto

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