We bridge the gaps between companies and their customers.

Flexperto GmbH, founded in 2012, specialises in providing software for digital communication between sales employees and customers. The communication between companies and customers is constantly changing. Customers expect digital contact channels, including messaging and video chat. In addition, modern collaboration tools, including co-browsing and screen sharing, offer the opportunity to interact with customers interactively, personally and effectively.


The flexperto environment is fostered by our core company values, which are:

Passionate | Result-Oriented | Responsible

We are entrepreneurs on a clear mission. We take each step towards our goal with passion and persistence. We are problem-solvers, result-oriented, and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do.

Focus on quality
Trustworthy | Reliable | Convenient

Our entrepreneurial heart pushes us for progress, but not at the expense of providing a highly reliable and trusted service.

Integrity | Approachable | Respectful

We see ourselves as a sports team that achieves their goals together. We appreciate the work of every individual. We treat customers as a natural extension of our camaraderie.

Company History

Flexperto is all about learning and evolving as an organization and a team. Our biggest moments we used to learn, in historical order:

In the early years of Flexperto, as a young company with an inexperienced team, we faced a lot of pressure from customers causing frequent priority changes and product inconsistencies. There are two things we learned here: The importance of matured process as well as the presence of senior team members throughout all departments.

As a direct result, we had some brilliant people, for example, an extremely experienced and strong WebRTC specialist. What we did not have was an environment that enabled brilliant people to contribute. Therefore we faced many communication problems within the team, which eventually caused colleagues to search for a new challenge and to leave the team.

We obviously took this as an opportunity to learn, and ask for direct feedback. The main input was that employees felt they had limited ability to contribute to the product and the company with their own ideas, as this was entirely owned by the management team.

Based on this feedback, we completely revamped how we worked and invented a new methodology, centered entirely around the idea of collaboration. This was a great cure, but at the same time, our actual productivity dropped as many people were being involved throughout every step of decision making.

While this in the short term cost us money, it made the entire organization sensitive towards collaboration. We made good experiences with collaboration and high ownership, which we used throughout the following years the increase productivity and quality while maintaining employee happiness and contribution.

We chose to work with people because they have good ideas, and they should be able to contribute their ideas. Our culture, therefore, is now one that enables this and not one that simply focuses on the manifestation of management ideas.

Business and Product

With insurers’ growing online offerings, digitally supported communication is becoming increasingly important to provide customers with consistent quality of advice, improve customer convenience, increase the first time fix rate and increase sales efficiency across all offline and online sales channels.

With the Sales Communication Cloud, Flexperto offers a holistic solution for more efficient and up-to-date sales of insurance products. This explanatory video illustrates the overall solution.

CRM Integrations allows customers to log the entire customer dialogue automatically .Flexperto’s features include a video communication which is 100% web based, in HD quality and with no required downloads or plugins. Video and audio streams are encrypted and processed in a German data centre, it is available on all platforms; browsers, runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with all browsers and main enterprise networks (Citrix, etc.)

The omnichannel platform integrates all communication channels from messaging, voice to video and all collaboration tools like meeting scheduling, e-signature, co-browsing or whiteboarding in one single sign-on solution.

Let’s say an insurance company is looking for a solution to digitize its agents network by offering online consultations to its customers. Flexperto aggregates all customers channels and collaboration tools, while ensuring data protection and easy integration with other systems. The results are not only reduced costs per consultation (up to 100=E2=82=AC), but also more consultation appointments. The adoption of online consultation opens up cross-selling and up-selling potential for the insurance company.


Everybody has an opinion on how software should best be developed and delivered. As a team, we draw a common mindset from shared values and beliefs: we provide value to the company as fast as possible by creating a great product that our users find useful and work on the basis of mutual trust that all of us have the best interest of the company in mind.

While we don’t consider raw productivity a useful metric (such as “how many lines of code did I write today” or “how many tickets did I finish”), we remove friction so that we can work efficiently and without wasting time. To achieve that, we experiment frequently with techniques, technologies and processes when they provide value and reflect regularly on past efforts to get rid of things that are no longer useful to us. We commonly challenge each other to reach greater heights. We create an environment of unconditional kindness and a warm and welcoming atmosphere so we can work reasonably free of stress. We value direct communication and conflict resolution over strict processes.

See our tech stack and tooling here

Culture, Comfort, Community

We offer a warm and friendly work environment for people of all nationalities and cultures. We hold a very high standard of respect and professionalism.

The flexperto Team proudly represents many nationalities and operates in German and English. We strongly adhere to the principles of tolerance and respecting cultural differences.

Friendly and Professional: As a young and dynamic office, we would like to maintain a friendly and transparent atmosphere. We are looking for professionals who are able to work productively without close observation and who are responsible for meeting deadlines and managing their time. Our work requires a high degree of attention to detail and dedication to achieve client expectations.

Hierarchy: Flexperto lives a flat egalitarian hierarchy. It’s about giving and valuing input in the same way no matter where it comes from or whom you’re giving it to.

Comfort: On the other hand everyone else wants to harmonise as well. Thats why we need to talk about music. In general headphones is the go to around here. Thus in some rooms colleagues agree on common background music. Make sure to get your opinion heard on what helps you to focus.

Common Questions

Flexperto currently has 29 employees, partly working from home or from the office in Berlin Mitte.
Berlin Mitte is currently Flexperto only location. Nevertheless and depending on the department remote working is possible.
Urban Sports Club offers an innovative approach to corporate fitness and corporate wellness.Flexperto team members have a special discount for their membership.
Flexperto work usually starts at 9:00 am until 6pm including a 1-hour lunch break.
Flexperto has a shared kitchen space that provides employees with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, water, dishes and fresh fruits and cereal. Near the office you will find affordable international cuisine for every gusto.
There are no free parking opportunities near the office but paid parking options in the area
There is no standard attire. Employees are allowed to wear what they want.
The office is located in a business area at the ground floor of a very nice old building that accomodates several other startups.
Absolutely. The office is located quite central, only 3 U-Bahn stations from the famous Alexanderplatz which is also an important traffic intersection.
The flexperto team is young, international, relaxed and fun to work with.
Everything you need to deliver excellent work is being provided by flexperto.