Why do partners love Flexperto?

Why our programs stand out from other communication platforms

High demand

The demand from customers for remote sales communications is here. And brands need to act fast. Recommend an enterprise-grade software for B2C communication that has onboarded multiple leading Brands.


Are you willing to integrate Flexperto into your product suite? Do you consider offering your value-added services together with our solution? Do want to refer your organisation or simply someone to Flexperto? We made our models flexible, so that you can start in the best conditions.

Low risk

We believe successful partnerships are built on trust. This means no fixed costs or sales commitments involved in our Affiliate Program: only generous commissions. For our Marketing Program, we provide your brand with special discounts and conditions. For our Reseller Programs, we built different models to help you to get started with minimum risk involved.


With over 8 years experience in the market, we provide you with right resources, trainings and tools for success.

Affiliate Program

Earn financial benefits for referring new Basic Edition customers to Flexperto. The Affiliate Program will be established with a focus on influencers, industry experts, and others who deeply believe in the power of Flexperto’s platform. Engage your community and further your stellar reputation by recommending Flexperto (and receive rewards for doing so!).

Here’s how to proceed :

  • Create your own Flexperto account.
  • Submit your application for the Affiliate Program via this form.
  • When the Affiliate Program is live, you’ll get an Affiliate Webpage to invite others to try Flexperto. Using this page.
  • Get Rewarded and receive a commission when they become a customer.

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Marketing Program

The Marketing Program allows you to better serve your own partners so that they can uncover new revenue opportunities through the power of video.

As a Marketing Partner, Flexperto will support you in driving your audience and clients’ sales strategy powered by our trusted platform for communication, including:

  • Your Marketing Webpage – You’ll receive a unique partner webpage to share with your audience, partners, clients and prospective customers, which they can use to sign up for a Flexperto account.
  • Exclusive Discounts – Give access to exclusive partners discounts on Flexperto.
  • Partner Training – Receive product and sales training for your entire team, specific to your partner track.
  • Dedicated Support – Supported by your very own partner manager.

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Reseller & Integrator Programs

Are you servicing enterprises that need to consolidate their communications?

Flexperto is your partner for fast, scalable, and sales optimized implementation of powerful communication and collaboration capabilities. Add a leading platform into your product or service portfolio, including: WebRTC enabled video and voice channels, screensharing, co-browsing, scheduling, e-signature. And much more…

We have built three models that fit to your needs:

Enterprise Reseller – As a Reseller, your sales team will be onboarded and trained on the benefit from our solution. We provide you all the necessary assets to sell prospective to Enterprise customers.

Value Added Reseller – Add Flexperto within your product or service portfolio and resell it as a complete package with added value.

Integration Partner – Flexperto delivers a fully white labelled platform you can re-brand, resell on your own name or embed within your solution.

Learn more about the different Integration Partners and Reseller Programs

Why partner with Flexperto?


Flexperto is the only provider in Germany to offer not only a convenient solution for online and video consulting, but also a sophisticated solution for flexible online appointment booking and digital case closure via e-signature.


As an enterprise provider, Flexperto can easily be integrated into existing systems thanks to a well documented API. Flexperto has a modern modular service architecture and can adapt API endpoints at short notice if required.

Data privacy know-how

Flexperto highly values data protection. Through more than 8 years of experience with customers in the insurance, banking and healthcare sectors, we have developed comprehensive know-how in the area of data protection and IT security. Hence, we can cater for all special challenges of handling highly sensitive data.

User friendliness

An outstanding user-friendliness makes Flexperto easier for consultants and customers to use than any other provider: One click on a link is all it takes to join an online session – securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. It is not even necessary to enter an access code. All functions can be used on all end devices without much training. In particular, no download of mobile apps or clients is necessary.

Market leadership

Flexperto is already working with more than 40 insurance companies, banks, financial consultants and energy companies. Hence, we can showcase extensive industry experience, the largest user base and turnkey concepts on how to successfully and effectively establish digital communication in large, consulting and sales units and branch networks.

Choose your path to success

Decide which of our three partner models suits you best.

Affiliate Program

What's on

Your own Affiliate Page

Revenue Sharing

Access to Webinars

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Marketing Program

What's on

Your Marketing Webpage

Discount Model for your partners

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Dedicated Support

Partner Training

Partner Discounts

Reseller Programs

What's on

Special Reseller Conditions

White-Labeled Platform (optional)

Your Added Services (optional)

Your own Pricing

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Dedicated Support

Reseller Training

Reseller Discounts

Learn more about our Reseller Programs

Our Affiliate Partners

Our Marketing Partners

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Our Reseller & Integration Partners

Applying to become a Partner

In order to provide the best experience possible to our Affiliates Partners, we're revamping our current Affiliate model. You can already register to the program to be notified when the program is live, or simply contact us for more infos.
There’s no cost for membership in the Affiliate Program. We bear the cost of selling, closing and managing the customer relationship.
Affiliate commissions will vary depending on the deal size and partnership level. Sales team-assisted leads that convert to customers will pay out a percentage of the sale.
There’s no cost for membership in the Marketing Program, and we bear the costs of your own webpage setup. We can provide you additional services such as setting up your own branded flexperto platform and a tailored customer success program under a comprehensive offer.
To be successful in the application process, partners must provide a technology solution with focus on Enterprise segment, or have a consulting practice.  Our Reseller Programs are priorly made for consulting and technology businesses, including : Contact Centers, CRMs, Unified Communications, system integrators or consulting companies with an excellent network or integration capabilities. Other relevant partners can be software companies with strong access to a specific industry or sales companies with strong lead generation capabilities.
We have built three Resellers models which fits to your needs : Enterprise Reseller, Value Added Reseller, and Reseller & Integration Partners.
The application is usually reviewed and processed within 3 business days.
Once your application is approved, you’ll be considered a Flexperto Partner. After you sign up, we will provide you with access to marketing materials. As a Partner, you receive private access to Flexperto's online partner folder (to submit any leads, register your managed client accounts, and access the necessary training). You’ll also be contacted by a Flexperto partner onboarding specialist who will schedule an initial onboarding call to ensure you’re set up for success.
An application may be denied in the event an applicant does not include required or accurate information, an applicant is not responsive to scheduling an onboarding conversation, or if an applicant’s business is not a fit for the program. If you believe your application was denied in error, please reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to review and assist you.

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