Product Updates

Stay up to date with Flexperto's latest product improvements

v48.0: Core Improvements

  • Consultants can now start new instant meetings, even if they are already scheduled for another meeting at the same time
  • Consultants can now schedule meetings outside of their set business hours.
    • Customers are still only able to schedule between the experts’ set business hours however
  • Customers will now see only Expert’s available time slots when scheduling new appointments


Other Core Improvements
  • Flexperto now requires consent from users regarding cookies and meets compliance regulations
  • Consultants can now search for Contacts by name on the Contacts page and when sending E-Signature documents


Enterprise Only
  • Admin users can enable a new setting which sorts the Consultant list to show online consultants at the top
  • Admin users can add additional recipients to appointment confirmation emails
  • Flexperto API improvements:
    • New users can now be created without a required password via the API
    • Our users endpoint now contains a confirmed_at field for when a user confirms their account


For more information, visit our Help Center.

v46.0: Improved Meeting Room

Meeting Room design updates for improved usability
  • Easily read and type messages with a new light-version of the Chat panel design
  • The Chat and Participants panels have been combined, so that you can quickly switch between them from one place
  • Invited participants who haven’t joined the meeting yet are now listed in the new panel, and no longer take up valuable space in the main video view.


Resend invitation emails to participants

Experts now have the ability to resend invitation emails to participants from the new Participants panel.


Switch between audio and video devices

Have full control over which audio and video device you are using and seamlessly switch between multiple devices.



Customers can reply to Meeting Confirmation emails

Previously, meeting confirmation emails were sent with a no-reply email address. Now they are sent with the experts’ email address, so that if a customer replies, the expert will receive their email.


Flexperto Screensharing can now also be used in the Apple world.

On MacBooks, consultants can now also use the Safari browser and share their screen with customers, as Safari has now enabled screen sharing for MacOS and Flexperto has integrated this directly.

Flexperto has also developed its own app for screen sharing on the iPad, which is now available in the Apple App Store, making the use of the iPad even more convenient.

For more information, visit our Help Center.